Linx ViewHub

Display Dock for Linx Tablets

Dimensions (HWD) 285 × 264 × 442.5mm
Weight Approx. 3kg
Compatible with Linx 820, Linx 820 3G, Linx 1020 and Linx 1020 4G
Enhanced features Dual-Screen / Extended Desktop


Description Size Version
DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows (EXE) 42.1MB 8.0 M2
DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows (EXE) updated for Windows 10 RS4/1803 47.8MB 8.5 M2
DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows (EXE) updated for Windows 10 RS5/1809 48.2MB 8.6 M1
Linx ViewHub Data Sheet (PDF) 511KB 1.0
Linx ViewHub User Guide (PDF) 448KB October 2016/Issue No. 1

Product Details

Whether you’re moving from the home to office, the commute to client meetings, or just looking for that entertainment fix, the revolutionary Linx ViewHub brings the most seamless and expandable tablet experience available. With features like tablet charging, resolution upscaling and additional full-size USB ports, can you create the environment you want, anywhere, and achieve that perfect work-life balance.

Using the universal display mount, you can select and mount a wide variety of TVs and monitors and connect using a full-size HDMI for a simple, no hassle setup.

Workstation with keyboard and mouse

Whether in the office at home or work, you can seamlessly continue your personal or business projects by adding a keyboard and mouse to create the perfect desktop environment for productivity apps like Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, Powerpoint Mobile and OneNote, ready for you to detachand-go when you need to.

Gaming machine with gamepad support

Hook up your gamepad and get ready for blockbuster gaming with hundreds of thousands of titles available to play natively through Windows Store and Steam downloads or use In-Home Streaming to play blockbuster games streamed from an Xbox One console or powerful gaming PC setup with a Steam account.

Media Hub

Take the meaning of Smart TV up a notch and connect to all of your favourite streaming services. Additional Full-size USB ports on the ViewHub base stand allow you to easily connect your own external hard drives, letting you put your own files and content on the big screen with ease.

Introducing the Linx Connector

The unique Linx Connector lets you expand your experience with compatible Linx tablets and accessories. Seamlessly move from tablet to a full desktop setup by docking your Linx 1020 or 820 tablet into the Linx ViewHub to bring a Windows 10 PC, Smart TV and gaming console experience anywhere in your home or office.

Device Information

Dimensions (HWD) 285 × 264 × 442.5mm
Weight Approx. 3kg
Connectivity 2 x Full-size USB 2.0 (Type-A)
HDMI 1.4 (Type-A) (Output to display)
Linx Connector
Display Guidelines Max. Screen Size: up to 29" Ultrawide
Max. Weight: up to 9kg
Universal Display Mount Supports: 100mm × 100m & 75mm × 75mm
Features Compatible with Linx 820 and 1020
Full Windows 10 display options including Extended Desktop
Resolution Upscaling
Included Accessories 1.2m HDMI Cable TV

Note: Specifications and external appearance are subject to change without notice.

TV/Monitor for Linx ViewHub sold separately, always check compatibility of TV/Monitor with Linx ViewHub before purchase. Linx tablets also sold separately.